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Applying for Developer

  • Minecraft username: Dragonsice
  • Previous usernames: Mathias0903
  • Age: 19
  • Timezone: utc+1
  • Do you have access to a working microphone and Discord? yes
  • Can you stream/record gamplay? yes but i don´t normaly do it
  • plugins i have made, well you already using one of them LocksAndLockpicking if you want to see a couple others i made just shot me a message on discord.
  • How often do you spend on Agoriacraft? well i haven´t really been on that much yet, but the server looks fanatstic and i really want to be part of its developerment if possiable
  • How much time can you contribute? i would say a fair amount atleast a 1 hour a day

I love the custom built application! You are of course accepted and will be contacted soon to speak more on the promotion to staff as developer. Welcome to the team!

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