1. No Hacks or mods
    • Optifine and Minimaps are the only exception. Minimaps must have cave mode and radar disabled
  2.  No exploitation glitches
    • This includes nether roof travel, item duplications, etc.
  3. No Repeatedly killing a player at their spawnpoint
    • This includes attacking players at their beds or /home locations
  4. No Spamming
    • Variety 1: Posting the same or similar message repeatedly.
    • Variety 2: Flooding chat with messages to friends. If a staff member tells you to stop, use /msg.
    • Variety 3: Typing locally players nearby in global chat (/help to toggle between those)
  5. All in-game and out of game adverts must be done with /ad. If you fail to follow this you will be instantly kicked.
  6. Be respectful in chat
    • We are pretty chill with what goes on in chat. but if a staff member says you went too far then just stop and listen.
    • Don’t bully other players. We know not everybody will like each other but speak nice. If you can’t get along with somebody just ignore them. 
  7. Respect all staff
    • Don’t push the rule limits
    • Remember staff are volunteering their time to help the server. Respect them just like anybody else and be friendly.
    • Don’t lawyer the rules. These written rules won’t cover everrrrrryything but if you choose to test that and we ban you, that is your own issue.
  8. All bases must be raid-able
    • All bases must have some form of entrance.
  9. Don’t grief world spawns
    • Don’t trap the end
  10.  Language – English
    • The servers public language is English. This is not to be mean or unfair to anybody who doesn’t speak English. This is so we all can understand eachother.
    • If your English sucks, it’s okay! Give it your best try and I’m sure we can understand you!